Asbestos Removal

DX Asbestos Solutions provides its customers with a vast experience in offering expert advice and the highest standards for on-site asbestos removal. DX Asbestos Solutions promises its customers unbeatable value for their investment and abides by the highest standards of excellence in the asbestos removal industry.

Our Asbestos Removal Service provides:

  • Removal of Asbestos
  • Encapsulation of Asbestos
  • Environmental Cleaning Services for the business
  • Collection and Disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials

Removal of Asbestos Services Include:

  • Cement products, wall panels, roofing, rainwater good and other asbestos containing materials
  • Asbestos partitions, ceilings, insulation boards, etc.
  • Asbestos H&V insulation, insulation coatings, and pipework
  • Textured finish coatings
  • Asbestos insulation applied with a sprayer
  • Asbestos ropes, gaskets, seals, etc.

DX Asbestos Solutions carries a full license for asbestos removal. We have been in business providing clients these services for over two decades. Our highly experienced workforce uses the most effective methods of asbestos removal after a risk assessment for each specific site.

We follow all industry legislation, HSE guidance notes, and approved codes when carrying out our contracts. We also conduct rigorous quality control audits using both internal personnel and independent organisations, ensuring top-quality work for your project.

Many of our long-term clients have recongised our quality services. These include organisations in both the public and the private sector.

DX Asbestos Solutions plans each asbestos removal and disposal project to result in the minimal amount of disruption to the client’s ordinary activities. We work across the UK in many different challenging environments. We have experience in removal of asbestos from historic buildings, from extreme heights, and in confined spaces. Once asbestos removal is complete, our restoration team is available for the repair of any of the damage it causes, so your building looks just as good when we finish.

We are committed to customer service and ensuring that each project meets its requirements throughout each stage.