Asbestos Management Survey

Identifying any material that contains asbestos is the main purpose of an asbestos management survey. The survey’s intent is to attempt to find any material that might be disturbed during routine maintenance in a building.

The condition of any potentially hazardous material will be analyzed, as well as how likely these materials are to release any dangerous fibres. The risk can then be assessed by the duty holder and can decide which safety measures should be put in place. The health and safety of the occupants of the building, and anyone working in the building are the main concern.

Ducts, undercrofts, risers, ceiling voids and all other accessible areas of the building should be covered under an asbestos management survey. Store rooms, plant rooms, garages and all other external buildings should also be checked as part of the survey.

Before any work actually commences, the extent and scope of any survey should be agreed upon. Inspecting under the floor and behind paneling, as well as other intrusive measures should be expected while the survey is being carried out.

Asbestos register

The 2012 Control of Asbestos regulations require building owners to have an asbestos management plan, and the management survey will make sure that one is provided.

You will need to provide a comprehensive asbestos report for the building to a potential buyer if you intend to sell or lease the property.

You may want to discuss the details of the report with the surveyor who actually carried out the inspection for asbestos in your building, and at DX Asbestos Solutions, we can arrange a meeting between the two of you. In order for you to prioritize any mediation work, we can also provide you with a total risk assessment, by helping you to complete the required priority assessment.

UKAS accreditation has been given to DX Asbestos Solutions, specialists in asbestos management reporting.