While based in the South East, DX Asbestos Solutions’s client base encompasses the entire United Kingdom. Our surveyors have the academic experience and experience that allow them to efficiently survey and handle asbestos. We provide all types of asbestos surveys for commercial properties, so businesses operate within the law and without compromising their relationship with it.

Our services comply with ISO 17020:2004 and we carry the P402 and P405 fundamental certificates, so we offer top quality services following all the regulations required by HSE document 264, the Asbestos Survey Guide in all our work.

Our company is fully insured, providing you peace of mind with the following coverage’s:

Because we operate independently as surveyors, we find no need to exaggerate the asbestos problem as is common in the industry. We take pride in transparent policies regarding pricing and have no ulterior motives in our survey process. When you choose our company for an asbestos survey, you can expect a detailed, easy to understand report that provides the information you need to be in compliance with the law and thus avoid any fines.

Our documents include:

  • ACMs Asbestos Registered
  • Sampling points are photographed in colour
  • Each sampling point marked on site plans
  • UKAS accredited lab Certificate of Analysis
  • PDF format report sent to you by email

If you require results within 24 hours, we can produce a report from our fast track system, relieving the angst and stress of finding asbestos on your property.

The survey includes detailed reports with all the information to ensure future management is included, eliminating any more concerns regarding asbestos. If we find asbestos, we also provide a risk assessment so you know the chances of asbestos in the air as you continue operations.

We only recommend the removal of ACMs if it is an absolute necessity to ensure the safety or your employees or others coming in contact with the property. Often, you can maintain the asbestos using less intrusive procedures that are also more cost effective, provide you continue with regular monitoring services, which we also offer.