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We do asbestos surveys.

We are an experienced asbestos survey company based in London, with over two decades of working with this deadly fibre; it’s our mission to keep you and your workers safe.

We don’t need to tell you the dangers of asbestos or point out the fines you can incur if the fibres are let loose into the air, yet we can tell you how to deal with it effectively and affordably.

Contact us now for an asbestos survey whether you’re planning a demolition, renovating a home or simply suspect asbestos in your premises. We treat every case as urgent and will aim to visit you on site as quick as we possibly can.

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for more information simply call us on: 0203 011 5559

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

Before a property is demolished or refurbished the threat of asbestos must be eliminated in order to maintain the safety of any people that work or live near the property.Learn More »

Asbestos Management Survey

This is a standard survey and the most popular with residential customers and businesses alike. Using powerful detection equipment we assess the presence of any asbestosLearn More »

Asbestos Waste

We offer comprehensive, eco friendly asbestos waste collection services in London and the South East.
HSE: Asbestos is “Hazardous Waste” and must be disposed under the relevant waste rules which include a “duty of care”.

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Removal and Safe Disposal of Asbestos

As well as asbestos surveys we provide asbestos management and asbestos removal. Our fully trained and qualified staff can attend domestic and commercial properties and effectively remove or manage asbestos.Learn More »

Asbestos Surveys

Management, Demolition and Refurbishment Surveys

Our asbestos surveys have your safety as our priority, yet we also aim to offer the most cost effective way of making your property asbestos free. We won’t recommend un-necessary work to prolong the time we spend or to charge extra money as we understand that asbestos is an inconvenience in itself.